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to step that matters


There might be different reasons that have brought you here, whatever yours is, welcome.

 I'm glad to see you around and I hope you learn, have fun and above all, I hope I will bring out the best of you with what I have to offer.

For those interested in getting to know who is behind all this madness, I will briefly introduce myself. Since the most important part about STEP THAT MATTERS is the content and what we can all get out of it, and not the creator, I will make it as short as possible.

A little bit longer than 30 years ago, in a small town of Badajoz, Aceuchal. Mr. Pedro and his wife Teodosia, helped by Antonio Jesus, Eva María, Montse, Beatriz and Irene; They decided together that the most appropriate name to call this latest newcomer to the family would be Rubén.

Since then, Rubén has been the name of the avatar with which I have had the pleasure of getting involved in this exciting game. As we all know, it takes a while to get our head around the rules of this game, know the different parts of the game-board and interact with other players. Little by little, I have developed a strong passion to explore and discover other squares of this gambling table, to adjust, according to my likes, some of the rules by which we are unconsciously governed and above all to improve the connection and experience with other participants.

It would be irrelevant to talk about my studies, passions or hobbies, so I'd rather invite you to see the actions performed by them. I invite you to absorb as much as you possible can from each one of the experiences that I will share with you all, since none of them, which is not beneficial for you as it has been for me, will be published here.

Help, criticise, share, laugh, cry ... it does not really matter what you feel, do or act out when reading and exploring these pages, as long as you "feel, do and act out"

As I always say: "life is so f…ng awesome", let's go out there to experiment it all and play our best game.

See you around !!!