good morning family

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"We will never know where a small idea or decision can take us, if we do not have the courage to pursue it"


In 2019 we will begin a more than expected bicycle trip around the world. The idea of this trip began to be shaped by 12 memories, a personal project that I had the pleasure of carrying out in 2016, a project that has influenced the last few years of my life and laid the foundations for my next steps.

“Good morning family” project has been an idea developed throughout the last few years, and so the idea of sharing it with all of you.

 we should BETTER START WITH THE “why” this NAME, shouldn’t we?

5 years ago, and like thousands of other "restless asses", I jumped into the adventure of living in different country. London was the right choice for me at that time, more than anything, for the desire to learn English. As a result of this adventure I began to create a series of videos to say good morning to my family, so I could continue with the daily contact I had with them. This kind of homemade vlogs were gradually taking strength to the point of becoming a kind of daily TV show called "good morning family".

During my trip around the world, I thought I would continue with the creation of these videos to share the experiences that I will found along the way with them all, so we thought: "Why not publish them and expand the family?".

By doing so, I would not only share all my experiences, adventures and new places, but at the same time, I could share the work that each of the charities that I will join along the way are doing, explaining the destination of the donations received during the 50 marathons, and promoting some of these associations, so everything fitted perfectly.

The main idea of the trip, which is still preserved, was to combine all my passions and set off on a long trip with them. Over time, this idea has been reinforced with different projects associated with it, due to several personal needs that, as a result of my previous trips, I knew I will have to face during my trip around the globe.

Although the range of ideas attached to this project have been innumerable, I have managed to summarize them in two: creation and support.



In reality, more than an common hobby, traveling is considered one of the most enriching experiences we can achieve, helping us to empathise, discover and awaken parts of us that remain asleep as a result of this daily game of materialism and monotony that surround us. From my point of view, the simple action of traveling, over time would lose value if we do not match it with our innate desire for creation and constant progress. This, for me is the key to our personal well-being and therefore the main piece that I had to unfold before setting off into adventure.


Every project is based on growth or personal need, in the search for an expected sensation that we unconsciously associate with a goal and in a constant improvement of what we are and what we have experienced so far. But it would be irrational to move forward in this exciting path, being the only beneficiaries during its creation. For this same reason, I did not only wanted to chase this dream of going around the world by myself, but to dedicate part of that time and effort invested in it, to get involved with different charities along the way and give my best to support them.