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A marathon is a race by feet that covers a distance of 42.195 kilometers (26.2 miles).

The 2nd of March, 2019, I will attempt to run 50 marathons, in 50 different countries in 50 consecutive days.

Members of runnings clubs from different countries, individual runners and beginners on this sport will join me along. With this union of people from different nationalities, religions and ideologies, we will try to create a great movement around Europe that will hopefully drag many people to get out of their homes to have fun and support us throughout the whole marathon or part of it.


If you do not happen to be in one of the cities where the event will take place, you can still join us in Strava.

See you there!!



It has not been the training, nor the early hours of work every day, one of the biggest task during the whole preparation of this project has been by far the logistic part of it. To find out the cheapest, quicker and easy way to connect 50 countries has been way more complicated than I thought I would be but a really exciting part of the overall process as well.

The routes, time zones, prices, conflicts between different countries, connections and schedules have been just some of the factors to be analyzed to create the route that you can see below:

Map - english.png

If you want to be a part of it by helping me moving across this route, you can either support me or become an sponsor of this challenge.

That would truly mean a lot to me, THANK YOU!! 😊


the cause



In 2016 I started a project called 12 memories, with the purpose of expanding and live the whole range of experiences that, in order to improve my career, I had been pushing back over and over again. After I finished this personal challenge, I have been lucky enough to keep on traveling, to continue exposing myself to an immense variety of sensations, to dive into different types of cultures, religions, educational systems and lifestyles that have made me reconsider what is truly important.


In June 2019 I will take off on a new adventure, Good morning family, finishing with it my time in London. Almost 5 years that have become one of the most rewarding and enriching stages that I have had the luck to experience so far and at the same time it has made me take serious decisions about what I would like to do on my next move.


The desire to start this adventure, to pass thorugh that door into the unknown and absorb everything that may come has been difficult to contain (almost as much as convincing my family about it). But I felt that it was not the moment yet, that I should not go on this trip without a bigger purpose, I felt that I had to do something else with all that energy and investment of time that I will put in. The need and desire to create something bigger than what it would be my own personal experience during the journey, something that would benefit as many people as possible and inspire others to pursue what they want (even though this sounds a bit out the book). This, my dear friends, has been the most complicated step to create.


As a result of this desire, STEP THAT MATTERS was born, with the purpose of supplying a need that I had contemplated during my previous trips. Getting involve in different charities, support and promote education, child care and help improve the situation of people, families and cultures in need with which I have the pleasure to come across with. To achieve all this I will need a little bit of your help, and for this same reason we have created the 50 marathons challenge, with the purpose of raising funds and have enough support to use and promote this project.

There is neither a charity nor a project that will deserve our support more than others, they all are doing their best on their different purposes. For me, what matters the most is our actions and our own decision of taking that first step to do our best for others, to leave every place better than we found it and to give away our best self to every person that we come across with.


"People do not give their money or their time to perpetuate an organization or make it more powerful, but rather to fulfill its ends." The organization is not the end, but the intermediary".


Throughout the project Good morning family, we will know, firsthand, where each of the donations received will be invested. Me, personally will act as an intermediary to transform your donations into humanitarian actions. I am convinced that every small of our steps can create a huge impact in others people lifes, as long as we take the right ones.