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 12 memories is the name I chose to define one of the most "stupid, irresponsible" and at the same time the most exciting and enriching ideas that I have had so far.

In December 2016, just before my trip back to Spain for Christmas, I arrived in Paris.

The number of countries does not matter at all, but France was the fifteenth country that had had the privilege to step on during those 12 months. It had been an emotionally intense year, full of experiences, adventures and especially of getting to know a lot of new faces. A year in which I had learned to juggle economically, to squeeze until the last minute of each day and above all that, to appreciate the great value that achieving a self impose goal brings along.

   The rules of the game were quite basic. Exposing myself to a different situation every month, a situation capable of giving me the opportunity to experiment or create a different sensation, a sensation away from what the daily routine could wake up in me, and to make it a little more interesting, I had to do it in a different country every single time.



 What in January began as a small experiment or personal challenge, had slightly change my way of life. Exposing myself to those different situations, getting involved in other cultures and plunging myself in hundreds of other people's stories, was helping me to reorganise my priorities and to bring back again my personal confidence. A confidence that, as other thousands of people who decided to start from scratch in different country, had been affected during the adaptation process.

These wide range of experiences, different people and the hundreds of adventures hidden behind each one of these trips, was not only enriching my life, but it was also helping me to create new and exciting goals to fight for and as a consequence, my professional goals were being achieved one by one giving the chance, at the same time, to open myself up for all others varieties of possible and excited paths.

As it was expected, collaterally it begun to grow in me the desire to set off into a greater adventure, to leave without date of return, to get rid of all my belongings and ties and especially to look for a solution that would give me the opportunity to taste the destination as much as the trip itself.

Without having the slightest idea at that time, STEP THAT MATTERS had taken the first step towards its creation.


 About 15 notebooks and almost three years later, it is time for this project to come out to the surface, time to choose one more time the “stupid and irresponsible” path. 😉